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Edible Art - Great Foods, Drinks & Meals

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A collection of foods I've cooked and/or tried, or wish to try (and the occasional disaster)

Fruit Of The Week FEIJOA

Feijoas, New Zealand - These are a GREAT New Zealand fruit. They have a unique flavour unlike anything else I've experienced and have a slightly sandy texture. Feijoa ice cream is sensational! My Mum (bless her) used to make wonderful Feijoa jam, mmmmm mmmm!

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Istanbul vendor of Steaming Hot, Stuffed Mussels. Unbelievably good! 2012

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This was in the top 10 ice creams of my life, (and I've had many)! If you're in SARDINIA, don't miss it. 2012

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Genoa 2014 - Wine 2 - A delicious Sauvignon Blanc, unlike "New World" wines, but very delectable.

My Meusli Bread - Delicious, nourishing and spiked with pieces of my candied orange peel - Ohh yeah!

Genoa 2014 - Wine 1 - A wonderful wine - Rossese di Dolceacqua. It is produced in the medieval town of Dolceacqua, the oldest community in the Val di Nervia. - Sublime.