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an abstract painting with many different colors and patterns on the surface, as well as circles
This took me forever but was very therapeutic :-) Done with Pitt pens and Sharpies.
an image of a cat made out of colored lines
Nápad Kačky Mandové - - místo ruky použila obrázek kočičky a malovala na triko....… | Оп арт, Художественные проекты, Рисунки
an abstract painting with multicolored lines in the shape of a wave on a white background
Summer Diary: Day 10: Optical Illusion Handprints
WhiMSy love: Summer Diary: Day 10: Optical Illusion Handprints
an art project made with colored pencils and paper on a wooden floor, depicting a colorful fan
Create Art With Mrs. P!
Create Art With Me!: April 2012
three different pictures of flowers and leaves with watercolors on them, one is green and the other is blue
Nature Resist Tie Dye Shirts – The Pinterested Parent
nature painting for kids with food coloring paint spray. Spring & summer art activities
there are two plates with utensils on them and the same plate has been made to look like paint
DomainLore: .uk Domain Sales and Auctions
Invitation to paint with kitchen utensils. Fun painting activity for all ages.
four different paper plates that have been made to look like flowers
Teaching maths with hands-on activities
Fun symmetry art/math activity!
winter snowflake painting is an easy and fun art project for kids to make
Fun Snowflake Art For Preschool - Little Bins for Little Hands
Try this easy tape resist snowflake painting idea for kids. Quick and simple for even the youngest artist! This snowflake painting idea is neat winter fun!
the paint is being used to make an art project for kids with watercolors
Peinture au coton-tige - Le pays des merveilles
peinture enfant coton tige
painting with circles is an easy and fun art project for kids to do on paper plates
Painting with Circles
Your kids will be surprised when they see the eye catching art they can create when painting with circles.