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two hands making a heart shape with the word up written on it in front of them
Next stop: Pinterest!
Next stop: Pinterest
a woman's arm with seashells on it and the ocean in the background
10 comportamientos de las personas genuinas que todos deberíamos imitar
Take Notice
a glass ball sitting on top of water with trees reflected in the reflection of it
Life Through a Marble:Amazing Photography by Caleb - Design Swan
‘Life through a Marble’ is a stunningly beautiful set of photographs by 16-year-old Cabe26 from New Jersey.
black and white photograph of an umbrella on a bridge in the rain with trees behind it
GrrrlHub | Women's Magazine for (by) Unapologetic Women
Hi Guys, it was this kind of thing I was thinking of for the posters, thought it would clearly show both the mature and childlike aspect of our idea to show the difference in technology use between generations.
an old railroad track with leaves on it
Disney on a Dime: Doing Disney Cheap (On a 30K/Year Salary)
October - I used to love fall, and somehow, I must still. I just do not want winter, which I also used to love.... but it hurt me so....
a dandelion with the sun setting in the background and blue sky behind it
Friday Favorites - Iowa Girl Eats
who would of thought a dandelion could look so awesome
a light bulb with a tree inside it
Surreal Artifacts of Life Encased in Magical Light Bulbs
Surreal Artifacts of Life Encased in Magical Light Bulbs - My Modern Metropolis
a black and white photo of a bridge with fog in the air over it's sides
Best of 2011: Photography
The journey is long and hard, but at the end you breath in, be complete and start a new journey.
a woman holding a dandelion in front of her face as the sun sets
121 Clicks Flickr Best Entries Of June 2014
121 Clicks Flickr Best Entries Of June 2014 -
several different images of people with lights in their hands at night, and one person holding a camera
Crochet Fleece Blankets
so want to do this. may have pinned this already, but just in case it's here again!
a person holding a lighter in their hand with flames coming out of the top of it
Photography inspiration | #756
More Stunning Photography Inspiration | From up North
a field full of flowers with the words hello june written in pink and white letters
Top 10 Wonderful Flower Photos
Top 10 Wonderful Flower Photos
the sun is setting over the water and some docks
The 7 Most Inspiring Natural Sceneries 99TravelTips
Looks like off our old bulkhead :) Beautiful and sad all at the same time.
autumn leaves on the ground with an inspirational quote
Random Inspiration 56 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear
there is a tree that has some lights on it
This picture has amazing transition from the clarity on the right to the blurriness on the left it ll blends and works so well together #semiphoto