Holly Fraser

Holly Fraser

In a hole, in the ground, in New Zealand, there lived an OYANer called Holly
Holly Fraser
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Downton Abbey in hashtags .. #GreatExpectations :’) ..

Downton Abbey in hashtags .

Sorry for the language but I think this is really important and helpful, especially when you are feeling down and overwhelmed. There are some really helpful and simple suggestions that make a big improvement on your moods!

The worst part of this is the "take a break" and then realizing you can't because your state thinks your homework is more important than your health

This is exactly why I'm nervous to temp an animal with kids in the exam room

Planet Fitness

That's so funny. And I love Mickey D's I've been working out tough these last couple weeks and have not ate ANY fast food I see the results big time<<you cannot hide forever, the McDonald's demons will find you and destroy you.

Becoming more effective as an ENFP. I'll work on that ... tomorrow. ;)

Becoming more effective as an ENFP. I'm positive I was an ENFP as a child and definitely its still in there for sure, but self discipline makes me a ENFJ in a lot of areas, but not all.

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19437465_10155774710821840_2316667995380848357_n.jpg (333×960)

16 Useful Mental Life Hacks                                                                                                                                                     More

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