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Amazing. I love looking at pages like this to figure out how the designer…

"Off the Shelf" - Torn paper creates visual interest. 50 Incredible Editorial Designs From Around The World – Design School

I love the use of white space in this spread. The lightning bolt is a nice way…

Magazine double page spread by Anthony Cruz. This caught my eye because the text wrapping around the image is appealing and makes the image stand out. The simple lightening bold across the page adds to a particular consistent colour theme.

LAYOUT IDEA Even though this is a paper, we felt that the layout could easily…

LAYOUT IDEA Even though this is a paper, it could still work for a magazine. The use of large photos is something I like the idea of doing, and the placement of the text boxes is very easy to read, but without looking boring.

magazine double page spread # skateboarding

like the headings and the shapes coming out of left side of the text block

flyer design

I like this experimental layout. Combination of text, color, illustration & other elements look playful.