Misfits Remix

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a poster with the words wish and an image of a ballerina in black leotard
Cover reveal!
I love this cover by Designed by Grace. Megan is a wonderful creator and working with her is the best!!
a person holding up a sign with tattoos on their arms and hands, in front of a gray background
YA romance with Romeo & Juliet vibes
Available on Amazon and in KU
Maverick Loves Londyn by Jordan Ford
When the bad boy becomes the one you can trust...
Maverick Loves Londyn by Jordan Ford
For fans of bad boys, dance, and swoony romance...
a woman in mid air with the words, texas and troy
A reverse grumpy sunshine romance...
Coming in April 2023
a woman in a red dress with the words sedall and dane on it
YA dance romance...
Jordan Ford's homage to one of her favorite dance movies - Strictly Ballroom
a man in black shirt doing a trick on a skateboard with words above him
For fans of YA romance...