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1 Pin | Roscher White Porcelain Serving Platter Set w Pure Pattern (2-Pack) Small and Large Kitchen and Dining Decorative Plates and Room Decor Classic Farmhouse Style (Diamond): Platters
Coconut roll,


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Cocoa Tea from St Lucia
From Fondant au Choclat: The Best Chocolate Fudge: Recipe is in French Google Chrome Translates to English
Cocoa butter


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#greensmoothies #foodtogrow #healthyeating
The #beetrootsmoothie recipe, with banana and pineapple, has an enticing red color. Rich in vitamin C the #redsmoothie is a great immune system booster. #healthydessert #healthysnack #foodtogrow
Click through to the banana #SmoothieRecipe for kids and download an e-booklet with 15 smoothie receips. The smoothie makes a #healthysnack, a delicious #bananadessert, enjoyed for #breakfast it provides a healthy start for a school day. #FoodToGrow


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Bucataria Furnicutilor: Biscuiti cu Cocos
Panda Cookies by hungryatmidnight: Some of these are looking understandably worried! #Cookies #Panda #hungryatmidnight


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Розы из яблок и теста Это просто сказочное печенье, украшение любого праздничного стола.  Яблоки разрезаем пополам и вычищаем серединку.Вычищаем серединку яблок.Нарезаем яблоки тонкими полосками,
Fruit Salsa with Feijoa Blossoms    1 cup mango, diced  1 cup strawberry, diced  1 cup kiwi, diced  1 cup pineapple, diced   1 cup blackberries, quartered  1 /2 cup red onion, diced  2 tablespoons agave or liquid sweetener of choice  1 tablespoon rosemary, finely chopped  1. Mix all ingredients together. A fine dice is best for this salsa.    2. Chill and serve with your favorite raw crackers.

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fruit salad in a half pineapple
after school snacks
funny food art

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a pineapple topped with fruit and an umbrella
fruit salad in a half pineapple
some food that is on a plate near a glass with a pink smoothie in it
Tasteful Tuesday - "Snack Time"
after school snacks
a white plate topped with meat and veggies covered in googly eyeballs
Funny & Creative Food Artwork - Inspire Fusion
funny food art
two hot dogs with cucumbers and ketchup on a blue plate sitting on a wooden table
Super Bowl Recipes Archives • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways
Kids love to cook
two desserts with chocolate and cinnamon on top
Czekoladowe tartaletki z gruszkami
Chocolate Tartlets with Pears / Image via: Taniecsmakow
a blue plate topped with cucumbers, carrots and radish slices
10 Unique Baby Shower Ideas
After School Snacks
two cookies shaped like fish on a blue plate
Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons - Delicious Family Recipes, Fun Food For Kids, and more!
A Fishtastic Lunch! This lunch is also fun for the kids to help with. Let them design their own fish!
three scoops of ice cream and strawberries on a plate surrounded by greenery
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strawberries and flowers are growing in the grass
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a jar filled with honey and lemonade on top of a white table next to flowers
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