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an old castle on top of a hill surrounded by trees and other small town buildings
The castle on the hill, Cochem, Germany - Awesome
The castle on the hill, Cochem, Germany
the story of how i died is so funny
Magnuschase memes. Best Collection of funny Magnuschase pictures on iFunny
pjo, mcga, magnuschase
the text is written in black and white
Well, when Percy opened the door to greet Apollo in ToA, he said, "What?" but I think this what he really meant.
the character doctor strange is holding his hand out in front of him and pointing at something
X. It’s what’s happening
✧ Marvel Comics : jpsunshine10041✧ DOCTOR STRANGE concept art poster from #SDCC
a black and white poster with many different types of planes on it's sides
What if Severus Snape Survived? AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH I wish he had just to pee all over Voldemort's parade. And then that would absolutely prove that love conquered everything. YES. I wish he had survived just to prove that Tom Riddle Jr. was inferior to these kids and men and women who fought for more than he could ever understand.
the back side of a television with many different color lines on it, all in different directions
This Artist Merges Disney Heroes With Villains
the caption for capricons make loyal, stable and good friends by capricorn
I really hate that astrology hits the target of being correct in some areas of character.., I don't believe in the stars and astrology I think it's no good! But sometimes it hits home
the quote capricorn can miss you like crazy but act like they haven't thought about you once
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Zodiac Capricorn Facts. – Can miss you like crazy but act like they haven’t thought about you once.
the caption reads, when a capricon cries, it's usually from a build up of anger and emotions that they've been holding in for too long
Yes! When I'm so mad that I'm crying it's probably best to just STOP TALKING!
a white poster with the words capricorn december 22 - january 19
780 Capricorn traits ideas | capricorn traits, capricorn, zodiac capricorn
1000+ ideas about Capricorn Traits on Pinterest | Capricorn, Capricorn Daily and Capricorn Facts
the zodiacs have a short and i mean short, almost non - existent tolerance for people who refuse to use common sense
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Zodiac Capricorn Facts. For more zodiac fun facts, click here.
the caption for capricon on december 22, 2013
Free Daily Horoscopes | Astrology Answers
#Capricorn :)