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Since He exists, we should always listen attentively to His heart’s voice, pay attention to His attitudes, and know His feelings.

Know God’s Attitudes and Drop Various Misunderstandings of God | Hymn of the Heart

When the heart of mankind understands the words in the heart of the Creator, mankind will reject Satan and come to the side of the Creator; when mankind has completely washed the dirt from his body, and has once more received the provision and nourishment of the Creator, then the memory of mankind will be restored, and at this time mankind will have truly returned to the dominion of the Creator.

Though Mankind Has Been Corrupted, He Still Lives Under the Sovereignty of the Creator’s Authority

“In His final work of concluding the age, God’s disposition is one of chastisement and judgment, which reveals all that is unrighteous, and publicly judges all peoples, and perfects those who truly love Him.

The Significance of God’s Doing the Work of Judgment and Chastisement | Hymn of the Heart