Hattie Field
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I would use this shot in a big empty white room and maybe make it a bit more of a long shot to show more of the loneliness.

labsinthe: “ Bridget Hall shot by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia 1999 ”

Another shot from above with my talent lying on grass or something would be good in my film. I could do a shot like this at the beginning where she isn't happy and is filled with pain and then the same shot at the end showing her laughing and smiling which creates a big contrast.

it's always autumn - itsalwaysautumn - Photograph: Posing Ideas for Girls senior pictures

I would like to have an extreme close up shot like this of my talent near the beginning with a voice over of her telling her story and you will be bale to see the pain in her face and her eyes which will really impact the viewer.

This picture really caught my attention. Firstly because the photographer decided to do a close up shot, which showed all of the wrinkles and details in his face. And those piercing eyes seem like they have some sort of deep past behind them.

A shot like this will be perfect for the end of my documentary, on my talents face from above with her doing a huge smile or laughing to show her joy and happiness.

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