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When I was little we had an arcade in our mall, pocket change, and I used to get these every single weekend after I won all my tickets and spent most of them.. When you had a few left lol these were the little popping things i got

I LOVED THESE. Those silly rubber "Poppers" that you'd flip inside out, place on a table, and watch it scare the crap out of you when it finally popped and righted itself. Admit it, you flinched every single time.

Playing marbles throughout history: marbles 50 years ago

Director Henry Levin shows Jimmy Hunt how to play with marbles on the set of The Mating of Millie

Kids work together in groups of three to see how far they can make their ball move without touching it, using only two pencils and a rubber band.  Great STEM activity!

Scroll down to find the force and motion marble/rubber band/ pencil activity. Could be really interesting to do with students who are just learning about force and motion.

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learning about pendulums .great summer camp project idea too! More weight=swing longer or shorter duration?

FORCE and MOTION: Push and Pull Picture Sort Workpage Science - Class of Kinders -

Science - FORCE and MOTION: Push and Pull Picture Sort - Could probably make into a smart board game.