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the simpsons is wearing a purple hat and holding his hand out in front of him
a cartoon character holding a toothbrush in his hand
mr. burns | Tumblr
Mr. Burns. I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me
the simpsons characters are talking to each other
an old man sitting in a purple chair drinking from a cup
the simpsons is sitting in a chair with his feet on the man's lap
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FY Springfield
the simpsons is dancing in front of a group of people at a dinner room table
My name is Mr. Snrub. Yes, that'll do.
the simpsons character is dancing with another person in front of him, who is wearing a suit and tie
Colecciones SS17: Mango – Beyond the mirror by Devil wears Zara #ColeccionesSs17, #Mango, #Other
simpsons laying on the ground in front of a tv screen with another cartoon character sitting next to him
BęRNåRDȍ SąNGɇNȉS (@PoeCasanova) / X
the simpsons is brushing his teeth while sitting at a table
a cartoon character with his arms out in the grass
a cartoon character laying on top of a bed next to a wall with a clock
Simpsons Screens: Photo
Simpsons Screens
the simpsons is holding his head in one hand
Homer Simpson Bongos GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Que buen sonido le saca al viejo ..
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La caja, la caja!