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a woman's leg with a tattoo on it that has an image of a cat holding a bow and arrow
Significado de Tatuagem de Oxossi
Oxóssi é uma divindade das religiões africanas, também conhecido como orixá. Ele representa o conhecimento e as florestas e é considerado uma espécie de guardião dos caçadores, sempre visto com arco e flecha em mãos. Por sua ligação com a natureza e tudo que ela pode oferecer aos seres humanos, é conhecido como orixá da [...] O Post Significado de Tatuagem de Oxossi apareceu primeiro em BlendUp.
a man's chest is covered with black ink and has an intricate cloud tattoo on it
Air element done by Kelsey Moore at Ash and Ivory Tattoo in Chicago
a tattoo with an ocean wave on it
20 Unique Aquarius Tattoo Ideas
a drawing of an astronaut floating in the air
rocket-man and its meanings...flying a kite in his right hand. (reflection of the earth or one of dad's favorite moons in the visor.) >>>good tattoo idea
a tattoo with an hourglass in the center and stars on it's arm
Tattoo uploaded by Robert Davies
Watercolor Galaxy Hourglass Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues
a man's arm with a small tattoo on it and an airplane in the middle
Illustrative and Geometric Black and Gray Tattoos by Pablo Torre
Paper airplane shadow tattoo
a woman's arm with the word always written on it
minimalistic tattooo on arm
a tattoo on the arm of a woman with a red and black pokeball design
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51 Popular Watercolor Tattoos For Women and Men
a black and white tattoo design on the leg
These Tattoos Will Blow Your Mind
Minka Sicklinger http://www.refinery29.com/nyc-best-tattoo-artists#slide19 Who are some tattoo artists you personally admire? "There are too many good tattoo artists for me to single one out!"
a group of black and yellow puffs with stars around them on a blue background
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