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oh god tumblr...

Oh my freakin gosh. xD I can't breathe. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Hahahah xD This is not what I needed right before bed.

These are all pretty freaking awesome:

These are all pretty freaking awesome. I love how everyone on tumble is getting really smooth lately.

Movie logic -- and lack thereof

I don't care if you're trying to be cool it's called logic // language but funny <<< these are the kinds of things that I yell at the screen when I watch movies or tv


When I went to school I almost got stabbed witha plastic knife.no joke ← that comment

Hahaha this is so funny!!!

Nasa spends millions to invent a pen that works in space.the Russians just used a pencil instead.

Give me a minute... I'M DYING!!!!!

ARROWHEAD in Wisconsin is banned from the zoo for stealing penguins at prom

This law teacher defeated the law

Is your teacher's neighbor STEVE CARLSBERG? Because then I would totally understand the lengths he went to --- funny

I can guess this is what happened with Fred and George Weasley

I thought this was a how-to on getting over these facts and instead she fucked me over worse.

The world, its broken, my mind is blown, and I cannot comprehend this