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"Can my dog eat that?" - This chart tells you the answer.

Ever been snacking when your pup walked up, flashed those gorgeous puppy dog eyes and quietly begged for a bite? We're all aware that dogs should never have chocolate. what your dog can, could, and shouldn't ever eat

Kong Stuffing ideas for dobermans. Mix and match chart of kong foods.

Kong Stuffing ideas for dobermans. Mix and match chart of kong foods. Homemade recipes to stuff into your dogs favorite toys to keep them occupied.

Get the Look: Rocca Civalieri, Thinking Outside the Boxwood

Get the Look: Rocca Civalieri, Thinking Outside the Boxwood. Already pinned top photo, but this shows plants used.

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Add Texture to Beds and Borders Ornamental grasses add unique texture to the landscape. Soft, mounding grasses such as fountaingrass look great with plants that have a bolder texture, for example

Ornamental Grasses Border ........................ 1. White Sagebrush 'Silver Queen' (Artemisia ludoviciana) 2. Gray's Sedge (Carex grayi) 3. Curry Plant (Helichrysum italicum) 4. Black-Flowered Fountaingrass (Pennisetum viridescens) 5. Tall Verbena (Verbena bonariensis) 6. Eulalia, Maiden Grass 'Adagio' (Miscanthus sinensis) 7. Eulalia, Maiden Grass 'Silberfeder' (Miscanthus sinensis)

SAID A BLADE OF GRASS Said a blade of grass to an autumn leaf, “You make such a noise falling!

Mixing together different types of ornamental grasses always creates a visually terrific contrast in the landscape. This lovely border is a perfect example of that where decorative grasses of different colors, textures and shapes have been pleasantly combined for a long season of interest, extending to winter!

Massif de vivaces et graminées ludoviciana 'Silver Queen' Carex grayi italicum Pennisetum viridescens) Verbena Bonariensis Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio" Miscathus sinensis 'Silberfeder'.

Hängender Dachrinnen-Garten im Gewächshaus

How To Make A Hanging Gutter Garden, square gutter could use block of wood as support with eyebolt to chain.


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