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the different types of flowers and plants that you can grow in your yard or garden
Guide to Companion Planting
Have you tried Companion Planting before? 💚 Companion planting is a gardening technique where different plants are grown near each other to provide mutual benefits. These benefits can include pest control, increased biodiversity, improved soil fertility, and more! With a little planning ahead, you can make nature work for you this spring. 🌱 Click here to read our guide to companion planting. →
the differences between annual and perennials are shown in this poster, which shows different types of flowering plants
What's the Difference Between Annual and Perennial Plants?
Excited for spring flowers? 🌸🌼🌷Annuals and perennials are the two main plant categories you’ll come across when picking flowers for your yard. Click here for expert tips on choosing and growing the best flowering plants for your landscape →
a house with the words 4 simple ways to refresh your front yard on a budget
4 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Front Yard on a Budget
Giving your front yard a good refresh in outdoor landscaping can make a big difference in the curb appeal of your home. Front yard decor can go a long way and it doesn’t have to be complicated. I have some simple front yard landscaping on a budget ideas just for you!
the different types of boats that can be seen in this infographtion poster, which includes
Microclimate: How to Use it to Your Advantage
an info sheet describing the different types of plants and how they are used to grow them
Patio Plants & Trees for Sale |
the five easy steps to prepare for spring infographical poster on wood paneling
Fall Planting: Planning Your Perfect Garden
the five easy steps to prepare for spring infographical poster on wood paneling
Fall Planting: Planning Your Perfect Garden
a pink flower with green leaves in the background
Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you have to put your green thumb away.
a potted lemon tree sitting on top of a wooden table next to a plant
Fruit Trees: Growing, Garden, Indoor - Trees -
How to Grow Fruit Trees Indoors
the hydrangea guide for months of summer blooms
Hydrangea Shrubs for Sale |
Hydrangeas are easy to grow, even in containers. They're low maintenance flowering shrubs with months of vibrant blooms every summer.
the different types of plants and their uses
최상위권 운영진들이 주관하는 써밋 트레이딩 :: Summit Trading - 써밋 트레이딩
a very pretty blue tree in the middle of some flowers
Types of Evergreen Trees
Wichita Blue Juniper gets 10-15' tall & 4-6' wide. This tree stays relatively narrow & pyramidal. The botanical name is Juniperus scopulorum & is also known as Rocky Mountain Juniper or Colorado Redcedar. There are other similar cultivars such as the following: •Skyrocket - One of the most narrow. •Moonglow - silver blue foliage and very broad •Medora - nice blue-green foliage but a slower grower
many different types of plants are shown in this collage
Drought Tolerant Landscape & Path Ideas
Drought Tolerant Landscape & Path Ideas | A Shade Of Teal
a black bug sitting on top of a pink flower
How to Control Japanese Garden Beetles When They Invade Your Yard
Ensure your flowers are free of Japanese Beetles by using the deterrents to stop them from invading your flower garden, or use our tips to get rid of them. If you notice Japanese Beetles on your garden flowers and plants, the easiest and quickest way to get rid of them is to hand pick them.