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vintage denim. adidas sneakers.

Denim insulation is absolutely a green choice. Recycled blue jean insulation, such as other cotton insulations, can include a greater cost of purchase


The weekend is here but that doesn't mean you should totally disregard your health. Make an effort to work up a sweat eat green things drink tons of water and don't go too crazy. Want to start my exact workouts? Visit the link in my bio now! by wayofgray

Clear Skin Vegetable Rice Bowl | Olivia Jenkins

The Veggie Whole Bowl. A bowl topped with natural, organic, whole foods. Vegan and gluten free! Would You Eat This.

This sounds so yum with the garlic & sesame oil! Even sub soba for the zucchini noodles!Rapini Noodle Bowl — vegan and gluten-free

All muscle: The model looked amazing in a black crop top and leggings