Fiailoa Olotavae

Fiailoa Olotavae

Fiailoa Olotavae
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Cutting-edge approach? Absolutely! We all have abilities and resources to create whatever we choose to! A few only though choose to follow their imagination and dreams. Who are you? How many horses like this one have you created in your life?  Check out:  #coaching #training #goals #happiness #lifestyle #beach #horse

Artist Jeff Uitto creates intricate sculptures from driftwood he finds along the coast of Washington. Uitto has sculpted wild horses, soaring eagles, and even a giraffe out of salvaged tree branches. But his work is more than giant animal sculptur.

Bird Brain- surreal Collage Art by dollfacedesign

Bird Brain- surreal Collage Art by dollfacedesign, i love birds and pretty faces

Do small things with great love

My number one favorite quote ANYONE can change someone's day, or make someone smile, "do small things with great love" is beautiful advice from someone with a bigger heart than herself.