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Toxic characters know no boundaries. Those who are unthinkingly careless and callous need to be kindly taught (if willing) how to care and be considerate of others. Those who care enough will show a willingness to learn. Many relationships can be saved by a willingness to learn and change for good on both sides. Toxic behaviour is about selfishness. And when selfishness is not curbed by the one "acting out" in selfish ways...distancing is a healthy and wise option.
This is goals I hope that in 2017 you ladies can all focus a little more on YOU. That doesn't mean look at yourself and judge every part of you - that MEANS focus on how you feel. Do things for yourself that make you LOVE YOURSELF. Do things that make you happy and do them without guilt or embarrassment. No, that is not self centred - it is NOT vain. Loving yourself is something many people attempt to do but never actually achieve. Take small steps, set goals and slowly but surely you wi...
via Lang Leav - ... and endings come with relationships most of the time; so, take care what you invest, how much and with whom. Don't give away what is most essential to your dignity .... and, if you do; never assume it will buy the love of another. Find a partner who values you and invests in you, too. <3
Damn right. I stuck around way to long for a person who straight up didn't care how he hurt me. Like a damn doormat. No matter what he said, he never changed and he never will. He doesn't even think he's done anything wrong.....
Does he treat you with respect at all times that's the first question the second question is if he is the exact same person twenty years from now that he is today would you still want to marry him
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I wonder if this will mean me one day, and not him. But whatever. I hope we can be happy while you give me a chance either way.
This is exactly how I have felt and still feel to a certain extent!!!
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