Lazy+mop. My mom used to make us wear these at home so that we actually clean the house while walking around. How laziness can get in the way of cleaning! Another innovative idea.

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Eat+convenient. This is a very well designed churro stix box. When fast food is made eaten conveniently, life is so much easier. Usually they don't bother putting the dips/sauces into a compartment so that you can eat while walking, they just dump it into the bag of fries you bought! Took this photo on my short getaway to Bangkok a few weeks back.

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The spork. Spoon+Fork. This may seem very common for some of you but you hardly see it in Singapore. While we were in Australia having take home food, you will always find a spork along with it. Cheap labour, efficient, low product cost!

Space+variety. I'm sure most of us have seen this before. This is a smart way of having a variety for dinner while saving space! 2 flavours of soup in 1 pot, rather than having 2 huge pots on the dinner table.

Calendar+postcard. This is the first time I came across a postcard attached to a calendar! Usually the calendar itself has a picture on top but that's just too ordinary. This post card can be detached and used. 2-in-1 what a useful calendar.

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