I love today's infographic. Simple, quick, pleasing color scheme and an interesting topic. I believe putting the lifespan of animals in perspective is something I haven't focused on since grade school.
50 Amazing Animal Facts That Will Blow Your Mind #Infographic #Animals #Facts
This is if a snake strikes you. Don't attack it just because it's poisonous. It probably won't hurt you if you leave it alone.
awesome taxonomy art/ dichotomous key.  Kingdom/phylum/class
World Zoology Cards to help kids learn cool animal facts and a little geography simultaneously - ResearchParent.com
Lesson 3 -Types of feathers // Apologia Zoology 1
The Endangered Species in Latin America #Infographic #Animals #America
I would use this is our unit because we are trying to teach the students the effects that human have on the Earth. Most (or all) of these animals populations are decreasing because of humans and the things that we are doing to the Earth. This visual is a great eye opener for the students.