What day were you born on in March? See what your birth-date means. | Infographic March 1st thru 31st | Note the month of March is shared by the two zodiac signs Pisces (March 1st – March 20th) and Aries (March 21st – March 31st).

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If you anger a Sagittarius expect a fight, but If... - fun zodiac ...

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Yep, done that every time! Followed by hilarious & random acts of love. Hail to friends! ;))

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How to choose a gemstone (for yourself or a significant other), by birthstone, zodiac stone and color http://www.semipreciousstonesguide.com

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Daily #Tarot Reading for February 9: Ten of Swords When a difficult or #painful situation has finally come to an #end when we've beat the proverbial dead horse into dust when we must let go of #betrayal and #pain in order to "come back to life" we feel the morose yet transcendent energy of the Ten of Swords. There is no escaping the dark imagery of this card; when we pull this card we have suffered a stab certainly but #Swords rule the realm of the mind: #words #thoughts #messages and…

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