"There are many different cultures within the Zeta Reticuli system alone, plus many more throughout the multiverse. It’s really only some of the ones from Reticuli, the Zetas, who are still in physical form, particularly the Essassanis, who are hybrids, but also are respected members of the Reticulan culture. The majority of the Greys, as opposed to Zetas, are resonating on higher vibrational frequencies beyond physical form..." | The Zeta Message

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Annunaki - Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=368245636614635=a.292355070870359.57430.292327470873119=1 LOOK at the size of the skeletons!!!

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Did you ever wonder the REAL story of where our galactic lineage originated from? Do you feel any ties to the Pleiades? Lyra? Sirius? Vega? Orion? Arcturus? Zeta Reticuli? In passing through the Pr...

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Zeta Reticuli / Australia

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