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Zayn Malik Ethnicity

Zayn Malik. Not sure what's his exact ethnicity is but I love a guy with culture

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Zayn Collabs With Versace For Clothing Line - Gigi Doesn't Know His Ethnicity?: More Celebrity News ►► Zayn Malik is ready to not only look…

Gigi Hadid Slammed By Zayn Malik Fans For Getting His Ethnicity Wrong

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Zayn-Malik-Dazed-and-Confused-Magazine-Cover-Ethnicity-Twitter-The-Dapifer-5.jpg (467×700)

In this short article Zayn Malik, a member of One Direction, describes how he didn't fit into just one racial category and because of that felt as though he "didn't fit in". Race is a complicated and complex concept. Although someone my look like one race they might see themselves as many. Different races discriminate against one another based on skin color. Race is much more than just a color.

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