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Names Cohen and I'm 22 years old. I'm really good at making traps and working on construction. I like working with children, so I spend some free time teaching them how to defend themselves against the Flesh Eaters using basic skills that will keep distance between them.


Zach Hill - Face Tat [1000 x 1000]

Dulé Hill: "We're back Psycho's!!!! Day 1 Shot 1 @Omundson @Maggie Lawson, Roday, Camera Op Marco Ciccone & AD Richard Coleman"


Robert Pattinson Starring In Short Film Directed By Death Grips Drummer Zach Hill - now it makes sense why he was hanging out with them in the Beyonce concert.

Maggie Lawson: "Hey @DuleHill and @Psych_USA what in THE hell is @Omundson doing here?!!#psychmusical"