"Remember that consciousness is power." Inspirational protest sign quote from activist Yuri Kochiyama, who survived a WWII Japanese internment camp in Arkansas to become a powerful force for good in America. Asian American protest signs from the Women's March on Washington DC #riseup #intersectionality #progressmarchon

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Human rights activist Yuri Kochiyama cushions the head of civil rights leader Malcolm X on the floor of the Audubon Ballroom after he was shot by an assassin, Harlem, New York, United States, 1965, photograph by LIFE (photographer unattributed). Kochiyama, interned with tens of thousands of other innocent Japanese-Americans during World War II, was a California native who was vocal in her support of equality and human dignity for all peoples. She died in June of 2014 at age 93.

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Yuri Kochiyama is a Japanese American human rights activist, but often remembered for her work in The Black Panther Party. Over the years, Kochiyama has dedicated herself to various causes, such as the rights of political prisoners, freeing Mumia Abu-Jamal, nuclear disarmament, and reparations to Japanese Americans who were interned during the war.

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Yuri Kochiyama, Japanese-American activist, Malcolm X Ally and a former member of the Black Panther Party has died at the age of 93. She spent two years in an internment camp and helped win reparations for Japanese-Americans.

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Yuri Kochiyama, of Japanese descent, is a name African Americans should get to know and respect as she was a dedicated and sacrificing friend of African Americans.

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Yuri Kochiyama is immortalized in a 1965 photo as the woman supporting Malcolm X's head as he lay dying after being shot at a Harlem ballroom. She also used her home in Harlem as a hub for activists in the '60s.

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photos of yuri kochiyama with malcolm x | Who is Yuri Kochiyama?

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