I see this becoming a laminated pocket-sized card for use at any time...

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I never saw you coming. We don't have a relationship or anything, but somehow there's something between us. Weather or not we want to see or admit it we do. I am in love with you.

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Inspiring LIFE, LOVE - and never stop fighting for them ...Jason you are my one...unknowingly I stayed to fight because for all this time...you never stopped loving me...thank you...

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This was meant for me to my husband. I'm always ice cold & he's got enough warmth for the both of us ha ha

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Friendship. True friendship. Not people who bandwagon but those close enough & who love you enough to be honest for your own benefit. Love having these people in my life.. Cant imagine not having a circle of true friends.

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Teheh. I hope that youre having a great day!!! & you literally have not left my thoughts since the day that i met you. Youre always there. More

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