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Open-Impressionism: The Landscapes of Erin Hanson, Hardcover Coffee Table Book 12x12: David Lear: 9780991507115: AmazonSmile: Books


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Republicans Just Took Away These Six Obamacare Benefits. They voted against our nations sick, poor, children, young adults and veterans.

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In one night, the GOP voted to take away these 6 essential health benefits. Republicans showed exactly where they stand.

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Kathy (@PayDownTheDebt) | Twitter and no help for our young people going into huge debt trying to get a college degree

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July 21, 1936, Mari Ginestà, 17, a member of the Juventudes Comunistas (Iberian Communist Youth), stands armed on the roof of the Colón hotel in Barcelona mere days into the Spanish revolution against Franco’s military coup. The picture was taken by Juan Guzman (who was born Hans Gutmann in Germany before going to Spain where he photographed the International Brigades).

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