I would SO bite him in the best possible way here!  John Wayne was hot on SO MANY LEVELS!!!!

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It took Raoul Walsh giving young Duke Wayne the lead in The Big Trail for it to occur to John Ford - Hey, this kid of mine can act!

John Wayne (1907-1979), American Actor

John Wayne, 1930 so young. I've never seen a photo of The Duke so young before!

A very young John Wayne.  The hair, the eyes, the smile...wow!

John Wayne: Trade Mark Westerns Slow talk and distinctive, gravelly voice War movies Distinctive cat-like walk His movies frequently reflected his conservative values

young John Wayne

I have just finished up two biographies on John Wayne, Duke: The Life and Times of John Wayne by Ronald L. Davis and John Wayne: My Life W.

John Wayne, vencedor de melhor ator no Oscar de 1969. Seu nome verdadeiro era Marion Robert Morrison nascido em 26 de maio de 1907

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Recognize him? It's a 24 year old John Wayne from the 1931 movie "Three Girls Lost" Whoa, John looks very young in this photo!

John Wayne I recently had the pleasure of telling my goddaughter who The Duke is after seeing his pictures in a gas station bathroom haha.

John Wayne's First Starring Role Was In The Western Movie - The Big Trail 1930

John Wayne & Marguerite Churchill in "The Big Trail" (1930)

John Wayne & Marguerite Churchill in "The Big Trail" This was the first movie to be shot in widescreen process but released in standard ratio.

John Wayne (College Days)

Did you know…?

*Marion Michael Morrison, aka John Wayne, when he played football for USC