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You Can't See Me

Did the lineart for Eliorcan, Elide X Lorcan, or Lorcan Lochan, but I can’t color for shit so somebody please do it. If you are going to use my lineart please tag me. I’d like to see the results. Eventually I’ll upload a colored one but I don’t even...


suddenly my life without a drawn Sirius looking at me didn’t seem full enough. imagine how it would be like sitting next to him;) My friend said it’s like you’d be fantasying some absolutely inappropriate things including him and then you’re turning to look at him and you see this ‘I know what you just thought about’ look at his face. And then you just can’t resist.


Is it ever hard for you to believe that God is with you, even though you can’t see Him? The next time you’re going through a hard time and feeling all alone, remember that even though you can’t see God, He promises that He is there for you and He will never leave you. Like the wind, I can't see Him, but He is with me. ☆"Be strong and be brave. Don’t be afraid of those people because the Lord your God is with you. He will not fail you or leave you.”" - Deuteronomy 31:6 ERV


✐ Daily Weird Prompt ✐ You Can’t Hide From Me Write about a character who happens to be a teenager. The catch? This character possess the strange talent of being able to turn invisible. Double catch? Someone new is about to enter this character’s life, someone who can see them when everyone else can’t. Any work you create based off this prompt belongs to you, no sourcing is necessary though it would be really appreciated! And don’t forget to tag maxkirin (or tweet @MistreKirin), so ...