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I just love this quote...there are "some" people that just fit this PERFECTLY! love it! You know who you are.


If you would open you damn eyes Katrina M, you would see that you are the common denominator of every altercation you get in. No one wants to be your friend cause when they do, you treat them like shit. You are crazy, you're a narcissist, you're a liar, you're lazy, you're a homewrecker, you're a worthless mother who keeps getting pregnant and aborting babies cause you don't want to take on the responsibility. Thank goodness the 3 you did have, are in better hands than yours. Common…


Gaslighting (ie: crazy making) - a narcissist will not admit they did wrong instead they will flip it around that it was all in your head & either insinuate that you are crazy or say it out right that you are crazy.


Bitch Please! Everyone knows..... you can delete all you want. Everyone already knows your a pathetic obsessed jealous delusional stalking no life crazy little bitch.


Do not think for one second that we won't refile the restraining order (that was only dropped because we did not pursue it). I'm pretty sure one of the conditions of it included no contact with anyone associated with him. That includes his friends. So stop being a crazy obsessive bitch. Why you would even be following her on social media I don't know. But really. Don't you think we have a copy of the hundreds of texts? During your work hours? The suicide threats? If he files a restraining…