There are many types of classic British Parkin but the best recipe comes from Yorkshire. Yorkshire Parkin is sweet, sticky and so easy to make.

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Parkin, a traditional sponge cake from Northern England flavored with syrupy molasses, oatmeal, and ginger.

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Tim Kendall’s Prize Winning Ginger Parkin 4 oz unsalted butter or margarine 3 oz dark muscovado sugar 6 oz golden syrup 4 oz black treac...

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Yorkshire Parkin - A classic Yorkshire ginger cake - a perfect accompaniment with a cup of tea. Make this a few days in advance to mature.

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Get set for Bonfire Night with James Martin's traditional Yorkshire Parkin cake recipe

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A Bonfire Treat! Sticky Yorkshire Ginger Parkin with Quince and Pomegranate Compote

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parkin. Lottie Shaw – Squidbeak

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Yorkshire Parkin | Parkin is the Northern English form of gingerbread, distinguished by where and how it is made. The most well known is Yorkshire Parkin, which traditionally is eaten on November 5th, Bonfire Night - the night celebrating the famous failure of Yorkshire man Guy Fawkes, to blow up the Houses on Parliament in 1605.

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