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Yogurt is fermented milk and contains many of the good qualities of milk. Originated in eastern Europe, yogurt is eaten by people around the world today. Apart from its good taste, yogurt has therapeutic powers that provide many health benefits.Yogurt is loaded with healthy nutrients. It is a rich source ofcalcium, and yogurt with live active cultures aids the body’s absorption of calcium.Also, yogurt contains protein that is easy to digest. Other valuable nutrients in yogurt are riboflavin…

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Love Your Belly At Any Age!

Try to eat a serving of yogurt with live cultures every day to relieve bloating and gas.

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16 Foods for a Long, Healthy Life

Greek Yogurt & Yogurt with Probiotics Well-known for restoring balance to the gastrointestinal tract, yogurt with live cultures may improve heart health. Research at the American Heart Association's 2012 Scientific Sessions showed that study participants were 31% less likely to develop high blood pressure if they got at least 2% of their daily calories from yogurt. That's just one 6 oz serving of low-fat yogurt every 3 days.

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Immune Boosters: 5 Foods That Fight Colds

Yogurt : When our minds go to fighting colds, we're typically trying to expel bacteria from our bodies. However, the probiotics in yogurt should be welcome in your immune-boosting diet. Yogurt with live cultures adds good bacteria to your intestines and helps your body's ability to fight bugs. Source: Thinkstock


Homemade yogurt is one of those things people assume is really tricky, but it's really not. You can easily make a gallon at a time (4 quart jars), and there's lots of room for error. Instructions: ➡️Scald the milk (in jars) until it reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit ➡️Remove from pot and let cool to 110 degrees. ➡️Stir 2 tablespoons of yogurt (with live cultures) into each jar ➡️Keep warm for 8-12 hours ➡️Refrigerate overnight, and then dig in! (Get the full, detailed tutorial by searching…

You can make your own yogurt. I do it often. I use either a commercial yogurt with a live culture or with a . If your yogurt turns out kind of stringy-slimy, it’s gotten some other strains of bacteria in it. I don’t know if it’s bad for you but I don’t like it so I used to toss it out when that happened occasionally. It used to happen when I used homemade methods for keeping the yogurt hot but since I bought a yogurt maker, it is rarer… or maybe it hasn’t happened at all, come to think of ……

EDNESDAY, MARCH 30, 2011 Yogurt to Go--Homestyle I was making yogurt cups to go today from my home made yogurt. I realized that I have never shared my methods here on the blog. I put them in the newsletter a while back, but never here. There is lots of great advice online, but these are my favorite methods to make a low carb yogurt. Remember, the longer you leave the yogurt to culture, the more lactose will be consumed, making it even better for low carbers. Since there seems to still…

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Microbiome Builder 60 Capsules

Adding #natural #probiotics to your diet can be way easier than you think: #sauerkraut #kimchi kombucha, yogurt, kefir, and even apple cider vinegar harness the probiotic power of fermented foods. Instead of making drastic overhauls to your diet, try swapping kombucha for soda, or try yogurt with live cultures, and see the transformation to your #skin over time!


The dairy section of any supermarket today is has very significant portions devoted by yogurts of all types today - yogurt with live cultures, sweet, tart and fruit flavored yogurts, frozen yogurts, and so many more. This is because people not only find yogurt appealing in taste and variety; they also realize that it has several very significant health benefits.


Yogurt with Live Cultures – Benefits