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Why is he so cute, he is actually concern about you, please don't kiss real bears, he will cry if you do

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∾∙♕❁∙∽∘ yoυ ɑʀe ϻʏ ☼ ,ϻʏ☽ ɑɴd ɑʟʟ ϻʏ ✰'s ∘∽∙❁♕∙∾

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I'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't hire Yixing oppa to do this on my birthday... I cry

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Lay - 160620 W Korea magazine, July 2016 issue - [SCAN][HQ] Credit: Von EXO.

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This was the best part of the reaction video. The best of Lay reacting to fans reacting to Lay's What U Need❤. Literal BAE

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Was Sm planning this?

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AHAHAHA that description tho! Idk if that girl was happy or sad after that moment

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Lol....Lay looks so disgusted,Kai is trying to control his laughter and Sehun is just like "b*tch I'm better that you"

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One of my favorite fans

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