Yemenite Jewish man making traditional gold and silver jewelry and decorations for the Torah, in Jerusalem. The goldsmith is Yossef Zadok, who learned this skill in Yemen and emigrated to Israel in 1949 with many other Yemenite Jews. Mr. Zadok is a 5th generation goldsmith. *I would to sit down and talk to this man for an afternoon, the stories he could tell*

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The brooch made by silversmith Yemenite Jews who live in Jerusalem at the time of British Mandate of Palestine 1930. ✦ Metal: sterling silver. ✦ Color: Old silver. very good quality - shape, patine.

May Yemenite Jews not only carry Torah scrolls, but obey the Word of God in their hearts with faith.

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Yemenite Jews. A few hundred Jews still live in Yemen despite temptations to leave the impoverished country, but recent threats by rebels from the Zaidi minority are driving some from their homes.

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In 2012, the world Jewish population was estimated at roughly 0.2% of the total world population...... A Yemenite Jew at morning prayers, wearing a kippah skullcap, prayer shawl and tefillin

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A Yemenite-Jewish silversmith works in Israel. The Yemenite Jews were/are known for being experts in metalworks and silversmithing. Their wo...

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