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"Saudi killing of Yemeni people worst type of terrorism": The Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution says the massacre of the Yemeni people at…

"Wisdom" is going through the streets offering people to come and eat, to taste and see of God's goodness. May Yemeni people come to trust the Lord more deeply and love one another more purely. May none go hungry.


Dear sisters, I send you greetings of respect and admiration for your courage in these times of rampant Islamophobia, racism, sexism and discrimination. I especially want to honor my dear friend Tina who wears hijab every day and has many stories to tell! As an activist in solidarity with Palestine, all the peoples of the Middle East, and Muslim people worldwide, it’s a great honor for me to participate in International Scarves in Solidarity.

Media Silent as US-Backed Coalition Purposely Starves 14 MILLION Yemeni Civilians As reportsrepeatedlysurface regarding Saudi Arabias deadly actions in Yemen the media continues to largely ignore the blatantly horrific aggression being launched on Yemeni civilians by a U.S. ally. Instead it perpetually hypes up Russias actions in Syria. But as recently as October 30 2016 theGuardianreportedthe U.S.- and U.K.-backed Saudi coalition delivered an air strike on a prison complex in western…

Yemen: Scores killed as heavy clashes return to Taiz after failed ceasefire: At least 19 people were left dead in the southern Yemeni city…


Attack on mourners in Yemen kills 82-acting health minister

Houthi officials say Saudi-led warplanes killed at least 82 people when they struck mourners at a hall in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Saturday. Nathan Frandino reports.