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Best Hotels In and Near Yellowstone National Park

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Old Faithful Inn is one of the world's oldest (and largest) rustic log hotels

The Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone NP - one of the most popular forms of lodging in the area, and with good reason!

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Where to stay when you can't stay inside Yellowstone NP

Information about lodging and camping options when you want to stay close to, but not inside, Yellowstone National Park. This includes hotels, motels, and cabins.

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Hotels Outside Yellowstone National Park

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5 Relaxing and Affordable Spa Vacations

Where: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming What: Once a hangout for in-the-know park rangers, this spot's still one of Yellowstone's best-kept secrets. Three miles south of the park's north entrance—and half a mile from the parking area—a rock wall and billowy clouds mark the location where a thermal spring

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Secret Hike in Yellowstone National Park

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Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. They don't use the fireplace anymore. You can't go to the top floor either, but gorgeous treehouse feel.

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