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Flowering Perennials from Spring to Fall

Coreopsis. One of the easiest-care perennials. Long bloomer, starting up in summer and continuing through autumn. Daisylike flowers bloom in bright yellow, but there are also varieties with golden yellow, pale yellow, pink, or bicolor blooms. Deadhead flowers to encourage additional bloom. Zones: 3-9.


My 2nd favorite perennial ever. I've had the same one at my folks house for 7 years and she does NOT have a green thumb. Blooms from May til Halloween, no joke! This is Early Sunrise Coreopsis. The more sun, the better! Zone 3-9


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Euphorbia Polychroma 'Cushion Spurge' Related to the Poinsettia, it's outer bracts turn bright yellow in early summer, then red in the fall. Zones 3-9


Heuchera, Electra (Coral Bell) Electric red veining remains unchanged while foliage transforms from bright green/yellow in spring to chartreuse in summer, soft red in fall. Short spikes of white flowers, 8-12 " height

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The Best Drought-Tolerant Perennials

Yarrow / ATTRACTS: Orioles. Plant with Red Oak Tree which attracts Monarch Butterflies. (Tufted -Achillea Lewisii is the best). Great for attracting bugs which are important to nestlings in the Spring. Plant in roadside ditches. NEVER PLANT "A. MILLEFOLIUM" Will get out of control and take over your entire yard!!!!