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Yamaha CR-1000. Love this vintage of Yamaha receivers. The clear "slide ruler" dials gave the cool blue of Pioneer and Marantz a real run for the money in design. Classic.

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Flash Drive Inspired By The Legendary Yamaha NS-10 Speaker

Desk Organizers - In order to be more productive at work, it’s essential to utilize desk organizers that keep the space clean and clear of any unnecessary clut...

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My college setup! Fell in love with vintage audio last year and have been slowly building and evolving my system. So happy with where it's ended up! Components are: Yamaha CA-810 Integrated Amplifier Denon DP-60L Turntable Nakamichi CR-3A Cassette Deck Pioneer RT-1020L Reel to Reel JBL L1 Speakers

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Yamaha NS-690 iii. A significant step for Japanese speakers. While Japanese amps, turntables, and decks had a good rep, only now did the USA and Brits have a worth speaker opponent.

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YAMAHA NS-2000. True school set of speakers. I love to listen Good Ol' Herbie on them:)

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Yamaha Relit LSX-170 Bronze Color Desktop Audio Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System - Google Search

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1970's Yamaha CR-800 Receiver and NS-645 Speakers

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Yamaha PDX-B11 Speaker Review

Yamaha PDX-B11 Speaker Review - Love from Mim Best Portable Speaker Best Bluetooth Speaker Lightweight portable speaker Yamaha Speaker Best Yamaha Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

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