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Yuuko Ichihara

Yuuko Ichihara (壱原侑子, Ichihara Yuuko) is a fictional character from the manga, xxxHOLiC, created...

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XXXholic Poor Watanuki, mauled by the cat-girl, with Zashiki-Warashi (at left) and Ame-Warashi

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xxxHolic Characters : Kimihiro Watanuki (pictured to the right) & Kohane Tsuyuri . Title : Little Flower . Dimensions : 1600 x 1200px

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Source: "xxxHolic" | Characters: "Watanuki Kimihiro" "Yuuko Ichihara" | Artist: "Haifuki"

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic characters posing and dancing ~ Dunno why Fai was a dancing cat at the beginning but I'm SO GLAD THAT KUROGANE SENPAI WAS MAKING A SEXY AF POSE AND IS SHOWN AS THE VIDEO'S THUMBNAIL UJGFJJCGUVGKCG *nosebleeds to death*

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Yuuko and Watanuki from xxxHOLiC Great show. I love CLAMP works... Yuuko is one of my favorite characters... want to cosplay her someday...

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