Xavier Samuel shines in Adore with Naomi Watts and Robin Wright Penn. Greek Drama!

Exclusive! Xavier Samuel Heats Things Up in Adore

Online has posted a new still for the movie ‘Adore’ starring Xavier Samuel. The movie stars Robin Wright, Naomi Watts, Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville

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lots of pictures of Xavier Samuel. Xavier Samuel is an Australian actor. Vote for the best Samuel photo.

Xavier Samuel aka Riley from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Ian from Adore

Xavier Samuel as Nathaniel Wilson: son of Agatha Wilson, Marcus’s friend, daemon, married to Sophie (daemon born from witch family). -All Souls Trilogy

Why Xavier Samuel is the best thing about ‘Adore’ | EW.com

'Adore': Why Xavier Samuel is the best part

Xavier Samuel as Jack Blackfriars, Diana an Matthew's adopted son from Elizabethan England, eternally 21

Xavier Samuel as James

This is Max, Phoenix older and only brother. He is very protective over his little sister, and he will punch someone's face if they break her heart.

Xavier Samuel - like wow, I want one for Xmas please! k thanks ;)

Westerosi delegation to England: Jason Grace. Demigod son of Jupiter, Roman God of Lightning.

Xavier Samuel, i knew i had seen this boy before, he's riley in eclipse

Eclipse (film)

Australian actor Xavier Samuel play's vampire Riley in "Twilight Saga: Eclipse".

Xavier Samuel and Robin Wright

how i love to watch Xavier! ♥(Xavier Samuel and Robin Wright)

Xavier Samuel....at the risk of taking a Twilight actor...I think he'd make a great Jace, from Mortal Instruments, only because Alex Pettyfer is probably too old now....

So far he's the closest thing I've found for Ty from "Sugar Coated". It's hard to find blonde hair and brown eyes!