Xavier Dolan: "What I’m trying to say is that I’m not that influenced by directors. I was influenced by Paul Thomas Anderson: it happened once. When I saw Magnolia I was shocked by the scene with Julianne Moore and the amazing frog rain at the end of the movie. It’s bigger than nature and I love bigger than nature in movies. But you know, I don’t think to myself: “OK, what am I going to do in my next film?...''

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Xavier Dolan "It lasts only two hours, but if the movie’s good, maybe you can forget who you are, and just think about what you could be. You know sometimes when you get up from your seat and you feel very important? I think that’s when a movie really captures you."

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Xavier Dolan and Gia Coppola photographed by Shayne Laverdiere and styled by Brais Vilasó, for the Spring/Summer 2015 coverstory of Assistant magazine.

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Xavier Dolan is my favorite director and actor of all time. His movies are gorgeous.

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