Waterbender ~ Water is the element of change. You are easily adaptable and move through life with a sense of fluidity. You may feel drawn to a career helping/healing others. To become a master waterbender you must work with your environment. Bryan Konietzko: KATARA http://bryankonietzko.tumblr.com/

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Perfume | Pərˌfyo͞om | Per fumum. The word "perfume" derives from the Latin "Per fumum" (through smoke.) | Holi Celebration, India More

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You better shape up! Cause I need a man...and my heart is set on you...

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Jeremy I got Jeremy as my awnswer. Do you wanna try the quiz? http://www.playbuzz.com/sparklingflame10/which-fnaf-night-guard-likes-u-2#half I got Jeremy. :3

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Answer these simple questions and find out which sexy Leo character you are matched to! I got Jack Dawson from Titanic

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"Casual School Day!!" by cheyennerego on Polyvore featuring NIKE and Converse

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