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and for my Democratic Senators and Reps to speak up. Not lay down and have the GOP walk all over them.

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ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? These clowns want everyone to think that embassy security (ESPECIALLY THE SECURITY OF AN AMBASSADOR ASSIGNED TO LIBYA) is important to them. THEY ARE THREATENING TO FURTHER SLASH EMBASSY SECURITY BY 50% UNLESS THEY GET WHAT THEY WANT. Click the link below to read the actual bill.....

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Albright: Trump fits the mold of Russia's 'useful idiot'....

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Prince of Sunflower scene 2, Gop Gap on ArtStation at

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You know, because if there's one thing the President-Elect hates it's putting his name on things.

#NotMyPresident #TheResistance

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You just witnessed a slow moving coup courtesy of the KGB, the FBI, Wikileaks, the Media & the GOP - Bill Maher Video here:

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Staying in America... #Trump #Trumptrain

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Fox News guest analyst arrested on charges of lying about working for CIA

Republicans and Fox News, two things that are not concerned with reality. From guns don't kill people (a lot of dead people would disagree) to bank deregulation helps the economy (our greatest economic failures can be directly traced to bank deregulation) republicans ignore reality.

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