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Margaret Forster's Writing Room. "The minute I walk into this room of my own, I swear I become a different person."

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This is simply a well used desk. Although not very minimal, it nonetheless depicts how environment lends itself to producing your best work. This owner is surrounded by all the creature comforts and you can tell he/she is really immersed in the task at hand.

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5 Legendary Writers' Homes

Eudora Welty's writing room. The set of pigeon-holes/cupboard item is called a secretary. I like it a lot.

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How to Write When You Don't Want To Write + INSPIRATIONAL FREEBIE

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DIY Writing Desk

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People, characters, are pretty much the reason we read any story. Your MC doesn't have to be perfect, they don't even have to be all that nice, but there is one single important thing they must do to gain the readers' admiration.

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