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You don't have to believe me but I am ugly, I hate my self and life, And this whole paper describes me it came off of the internet but I just want to say "that girl is me"

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Mirror mirror on the wall I just want to be thin pretty and tall mirror mirror if I change my hair maybe someone will start to care mirror mirror if I starve myself at least ill be beautiful forget my Health mirror mirror if I cut my wrist will I feel like I exist. Luv this poem it just shows that words hurt and puts you in the feeling that others are feeling I gives you a bit of there pain so you can experience a pinch of what they go through on a daily basis

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She held me in the ambulance I was so happy knowing that I was going to die so I asked her to sing me a lullaby I woke up a few days later with stitches on my wrist wondering why didn't she let me die she looked at me confused with a tears in her eyes

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love blood girl quote Black and White depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely anxiety alone Grunge self harm self hate cutting cuts anorexia ana mia black white

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Somebody grabbed my forearm and I winced they actually believed me when I said it was just a sensitive area

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Depressing quote || each one of you are beautiful just the way you are! The best thing you could be is yourself.

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