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Earth Day activity: Make a worm compost bin. Tips for how to make one, What and what not to feed your worms, what to do with the resulting compost etc also there's a book I want to check into Worms Eat My Garbage, by Mary Appelhof;


I'm finally going to have a worm bin that is EASY to use. I am not sure I agree with this website when it says that castings will drop down, though. I think you have to rotate the layers, harvesting the bottom each time.


How to Make a Worm Farm | | Kiddley : worms What can we do with all our kitchen vegie scraps? Throw them into a compost bin, of course, but even better we could feed them to a multitude of worms who will produce powerful liquid fertiliser and nutrient-rich castings to spread over the garden. Most kids will really enjoy putting together a worm farm with an adult and watching those wiggly worms settle into their new home and then help break down and recycle kitchen scraps including…

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How to Build a Worm Farm at Home (and Monetize it for Profit)

Perennial Plants for Full Sun A beautiful flowering plant that will return year after year. There are a lot of terms thrown around in gardening circles. Terms like