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Earth Day activity: Make a worm compost bin. Tips for how to make one, What and what not to feed your worms, what to do with the resulting compost etc also there's a book I want to check into Worms Eat My Garbage, by Mary Appelhof;

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Queen Bee Coupons » Worm compost bin in 10 easy steps! With video tutorial from my 4-yr-old son

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Worm Bin Troubleshooting - A Visual Guide to Diagnosing and Solving your Worm Composting Bin Problems #wormcomposting #vermicomposting

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5 Things to Avoid When You Start Worm Composting

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Composting With Worms

Vermicomposting, or composting with worms, is a sure-fire way to create your own all-natural super-fertilizer. Read our vermicomposting guide to worm your way into composting heaven. #vermicomposting

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Gardening Tips: How worm composting works! A Worm Compost Bin accelerates the composting process through activity by the worms, and it is easy to manage. The Worm Factory is designed to support all of the benefits or worm composting! |

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Make a Vermicompost Bin for Less than Five Bucks

It's easy. The don't stink (promise). And they wiggle. Why wouldn't you want to have worms to eat your garbage? It's called vermicomposting officially, but we simply call it our "worm bin."

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10 Great Worm Composting Bin Ideas and Tutorials - The importance or you can say utility of the worm compost bin is certainly known to those who have backyard f…

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I'm finally going to have a worm bin that is EASY to use. I am not sure I agree with this website when it says that castings will drop down, though. I think you have to rotate the layers, harvesting the bottom each time.

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