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WWI amputees

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WWI, 29 Dec 1916; Fort de la Pompelle, Champagne. Source; Delcampe

WWI; German infantry firing at a French Farman plane.

WWI, Chaulnes, bodyarmour and German helmets on the foreground. Source; picclick

WWI, German soldiers with gasmasks in a trench. Via Picclick

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Russian hussar. Great War.

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WWI, Jan 1917; Australian soldiers cross a foot bridge over an old trench at Mametz, France.

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WWI, 1916, Verdun. "Observation post on the first line at Mort Homme." The nations at war, published 1917.

WWI. A French postman delivers mail to the troops, an illustration by Fortunino Matania.

WWI, Jan 1917; operations on the Ancre (Somme). Working party of the Manchesters moving up to the trenches near Serre. -Pete Flower (@PillboxPete) | Twitter