Worksheets: World Time Zones
This book will get kids learning about the different time zones.  It also gets kids thinking about another person on the other side of the world could be doing something completely different from what they’re doing at that moment.  Review from This Kid Reviews Books.
World Time Zone Map as a printable PDF. Note that this is copyrighted and only for personal use unless you get permission from the source; the link for seeking permission is on the page with the map.
Teaching time zones with diy clocks from around the world - love this idea from @PlayTivities
custom design limited production Brazilian style sarong or kanga with map of World Time Zones Ipanema beach Rio Brazil Brazilian Sarong Kanga pareo sri canga surong
Education - Classroom Decor - Geography - Our World Time Zone Wall Map, by GeoNova, displays a unique view of the world with labeled color-coded time zones and political boundaries. You can write directly on the map or even use magnets! Find this map and more here
Worksheets: World Time Zones
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Social Studies? Also could use as a visual classroom schedule.
<p> World Time zone clock by Rhythm Time Zone Clocks with four separate analog clocks perfect for reception areas or work spaces. Each clock is able to display one of four different time zones of your choice. Handsome wooden frame on the case with a map of the world with a time zone grid. Comes with 37 world Cities names and 3 blank plates. Runs On 4 &#...
Multi World Time Zone Desk Clock | Antique Farmhouse
World Time Zones